the first secret to winning is starting. I created a formula to help you.

the first secret to winning is starting. I created a formula to help you.

the first secret to winning is starting. I created a formula to help you.the first secret to winning is starting. I created a formula to help you.


Revive | Rejuvenate | Reinvent

My career as a student of life began well before college. Raised by both parents with the privilege of spending a substantial amount of quality time with my maternal and paternal great-grandparents, I am a little old school. I still enjoy laughing with my grandmother. I learned good manners, southern hospitality, consequences of breaking rules, and of course the importance of education. At 12, I made an important decision to live for Jesus Christ. The foundation of Christianity is living by faith. It was not until certain trials that life gave me opportunities to activate my faith.

One of the lessons I pieced together over time was that I was perfectly fine being Ayesha. Being me with no additives is the best way to honor my creator. I was gifted with visual and literary talent as well as the ability to connect with a diverse audience even as a youth. Until I determined that exercising my voice and taking a stand is not an insult to the practice of good manners, I could not tap into my power and influence. My mother taught me at 11 that I am influential. Ever since, I have been searching for answers.

Exploring your gifts and talents through fruitless or limiting relationships is very dangerous. Here are a few dirty little secrets: Young girl, boys will always be around. Young lady, while you're working on yourself and your gifts, the best man will be doing the same for himself. Woman, when you are ready, you get to receive the one who is right for you, not vice versa. It is dangerous to determine the amount of dedication, focus, effort, and commitment to your dreams based on the success of the relationship with your significant others. Life is a journey and it is understandable that you may want a partner for a smoother ride.

Redesigning my life after a family crisis, career changes, and divorce has been a challenging journey I needed to do alone. Self-reliance was key for me to embrace my gifts and arrive at this point. A book was birthed during one of my lowest points. I no longer want to keep my story to myself. I want to see you experience your next winning season, too. My coaching philosophy is based on the game plan that got me MORE WINS through all my losses: Revive, Rejuvenate, and Reinvent.

After living in survival mode, I had to revive myself and stop living with the numbness.  When you experience pain at a certain depth, healing is necessary. I would like to partner with you as you boldly own your healing process; it is easy to appear as a functioning woman still preserving enough to serve others.